The youngest princess of the Atian Kingdom (@), Sandrine was changed into a man on accident by her sister's magic. She is much of a loner, or at least likes to keep to herself most of the time. All she can hope for now is that the mysterious Wizards of Asteriskia (*) can change her back to female. Being a man is sticky.


A knight of the Atian Kingdom, Ashley was transformed into a woman as a direct effect of Lidia's magic. He's boorish, chauvinistic, and likes to curse. He likes to look at his new body (among other things), but nothing can compare to the original.


The eldest princess and heir to the throne of the Atian Kingdom, Lidia is the source of the commotion. Were it not for her spell, her baby sister would still be... well, a sister. It was her genius that came up with the pair's obvious nicknames. If there's one thing she's good at, thought, it's dealing with Ashley.


Chrys is the royal something or other of the Kingdom of @, and while whatever it is he does is unknown, he is the one who suggests that the pair go seek help with the wizards. Sure, that was helpful, but he just seems to be in the story to be a creepy, stalker-like pervert... Will you see him again after the journey eventually begins? ...Probably.

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